Kamis, 17 Desember 2009

Farewell Friends..

*Friendship is a flame that burn our heart forever..

When I first came to Australia, I didn't have any friends. For a typical indonesian person like me, an independence situation is not my middle name.. (what ashamed...) 
That's why I often cried alone by myself, next to the wall in my small room. 

Lucky in Mullumbimby, there was a casual teacher, I called him Al. He's the same age as my boy friend. He's a surfer so really opposite to me who really afraid of water or sea. He's got a girl friend, we called her, Millie. Millie is a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart. She's funny and both of them are very romantic! However, our real name, three of us are started  with letter A, that's why we called our friendship triple A. 

Al - Me - Mil

When my teacher, Linda went away to Europe for seven weeks, automatically, I only hanging out with Al and Mil. I was grateful, that they took really a good care of me. They introduced me to their friends, had a party, barbie on the beach.. Besides Al gave me a lift everywhere I wanted, took me everyday to school. We were a great teaching partner!! It's so special. Our friendship grew beautifully.

This morning, I went to a cafe to have brekkie with my home stay parents, I invited Al along, because I didn't know when I'll meet  him again. He's going to Tassie to celebrate Chrissy with Mil, while I head back to Bali - though I knew I'll meet him again sometime in Bali. "At least we have to say goodbye.. "That was the sentence that Al said to me yesterday. 

Breakkie was finished at 10 am this morning, and Al and I had to say goodbye... In Aussie, people hug and kissed the cheek of each other. But, Al and I never did it. Well, I hug him when he had his bday - one day after my bday! (Can't you see why we are really a good friend?? and so special??)  We only shook our hands. He knew I've got a boy friend, and I didn't want Mil got jealous.. :) - even that's only a friendship hug! hahaha.. 

He said many things about me, how wonderful friend was me, how amazing our friendship was, how open were we to each other, our sharing moments, our teaching moments, everything. I felt that I couldn't resist my tears. I never had a friend like  him, who really appreciated me, who really knew me well, who really helped me for everything.. then I became very sad to say goodbye to him. I felt that I didn't want him to say farewell to me.

I just shook his hand and said " Sampai ketemu di Bali ya.. " and he said, "Hey, come on, give me a hug..." We hug each other, and it did feel a good farewell for good friends. I was really tried not to cry in front of him, though I could feel that my voice changed. Lucky I wore my sunglasses, so he couldn't see my tears.
Until I wrote this, I still cried, hahhaa.. 

Hey Al, if you read this, you must be laughing at me.. hahaha!
I will miss our chatty time in your car, 
Our time on the beach with Jhonno, Millie, Mandy. 
I'll miss the funny Owi, 
Our teaching *serious moments.. haha..and teasing the year 7 kids.. 
Our latte and mocca time.. 
Hope we can be friend forever, you're my best Aussie friend!!

Farewell, Al. Miss you already! Send my kisses to Milli. Happy Chrissy. :)



Dear God, 
It's 1 a.m. 
I'm still here, sitting in front of my laptop - surrounded by clothes, a very full luggage, boxes, bags, a lot of stuff that I can't choose which one to leave or which one to take back to Indonesia. 

Packing always hurt.
It's been three hours, I'm looking through all my stuff, pushed everything in my luggage - which is already looked bigger than its usual size - but still LOADS of things need to be in!!!

S.O.S, God!

Send someone to help me!!!
Before my stuff buried me under all the mess!

Sabtu, 12 Desember 2009

"Barbie" on the Beach

Living in Australia, you don't have to have good English, the ability that you really need is : to adjust yourself A.S.A.P (as soon as possible). People in Aussie will talk so fast, not opening their mouth, it really hard to listen to every words that they said - at first. Besides, they also used slang Aussie language, most of the words are shorten. If you don't know, you'll be frustrated! ;)

Weekend in Australia always related with going to the beach. I am so lucky to stay in the north coast of Australia - surrounded by beautiful beaches, warm area, nice sun.. just like Bali - except the food and the people.

My friend always asks me "hey, what are you doing this arvo?"
What is arvo? it's a slang Aussie language for afternoon.

What do you think about "Barbie" ???
A doll?

It's a slang language for Barbecue! BBQ - omigod! XD

Having barbecue at the beach it's really a MUST do activity in Aussie, because some of the beaches have a BBQ facility. So, we just bring some bacon, eggs, toast, and also plate - some juices - it's awesome!

After the barbie, we often swim at the beach too..
Oh, I loveee.. the water, they are just beautiful!

In Australia, you can see me on my sunnies (my sunglasses), and my cossies (my bikinis) hahhaa! Well, every women wear bikini, if the go to the beach. However, in Aussie, you'll see some or lots of women will take off their bikinis and laying down on the beach...(I call them "barbie" as well.. haha!)
Like what I saw today.. at the beach..


So, anyone fancy to have barbie on the beach and also to see naked "barbie" lying on the sand????

Jumat, 11 Desember 2009


Yap, igzostid.

I'm totally exhausted these days. My days always full of Christmas events. I can't believe it, everybody wants to make party before Christmas, Christmas cooking every night, and shopping for Christmas like crazy.

Since yesterday, I've attended three Christmas party, it just exhausted! Party in Australia is totally different with our culture in Indonesia! In Aussie, they made it like a small circle everywhere in the back yard, everybody talked different subjects, topics, smoking, drinking.. made noise, what else?

The food was horrible, they called it dinner, but instead, it was only snacks, olive, cheese, sausages, crackers. Wine, sampaign, ginger ale.. beer... oh my God, I can't stand.........!!

The whole night, I have to stand, move from one circle to another circle friend, tried different topic, drank some more lemonade, I just fed up with this.. huks huks...

I want to go home, while party is sitting down, listening to each others' stories, and .. eat proper food!!!!!

I am so home sick!!!

Alpha Angel!

Hi everyone!!!

This is my first posting to my second blog! At first, I'd like to use this blog to be my "experience blog".
Trial and error of blog's template will always be happening in this blog! Besides, see me closer and a lot deeper about my life, love, career, or even.. trying to find some additional money for living.. ;)

Finally, I do hope you'll enjoy reading it, learn something about me and about life.. Should be interesting!

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