Kamis, 14 Februari 2013

List 2013.

Who's on my list this year?
It's not so many - just some special people.

1. My Hubby - this is a compulsory , although he always forgets to give me something. :p

2. Nemo - He is  from England. He is young, he's free, he's kind, and yes, he's creative. He helps me alot in proof reading all my writing. He deserves one from me. :p

3. Bellissima - She is a new gal in the office, but she is often makes me happy. Why not sharing one with her. She gave me loads of snack, especially tim tam :D

4.Mrs. Blake to be - She is my 'sister' at the office. She is crazy, loud, but I love her.

5. Mimi - She is my partner in crime in my business. She said I was very kind giving her chocolate. It's no problem, darl.

6. Mrs. Made - She always shares her food, fruits, suggestions, ideas - so, this day, I'd like to make her happy since I can't cook as good as her, yet.

7. Ella - the belly dancer. She is also my partner in crime. She shares many ideas, craziness, and slanted eyes. :p

8. Mrs. Po - well, this one is unpredictable. I used to hate her quietly, but I think I'm gonna bury the hatchet and forget it. So, today is the day - and I celebrate it.

How many I've got today?
TWO! Yay! O, no, it's THREE - I've got it back from Ella, and
One from my students gave me - and one from my sister in law. Not even from my hubby - that's fine. ;)

Happy Valentine's Day, all!

Senin, 11 Februari 2013

Happy Bday Mr Giraffe!

I never forgot your birthday although I never gave you a present. You walked away into my life, although you never really leave me but stay in my heart, until today.
I remembered collecting the heart leaves in front of my class when I was in high school. I never forget that I sent the card through your friend every year to your school, without any replies.
You made me giving up that time.
Hopefully, today, with your new life and great family, you can achieve all your dreams and make everything goes smooth as you wish.
I still love you as a brother, best friend, awkward relationship, whatever you called it.
‘till me meet again.
Happy birthday, Mr. Giraffe! All the best! xoxo