Senin, 11 Februari 2013

Happy Bday Mr Giraffe!

I never forgot your birthday although I never gave you a present. You walked away into my life, although you never really leave me but stay in my heart, until today.
I remembered collecting the heart leaves in front of my class when I was in high school. I never forget that I sent the card through your friend every year to your school, without any replies.
You made me giving up that time.
Hopefully, today, with your new life and great family, you can achieve all your dreams and make everything goes smooth as you wish.
I still love you as a brother, best friend, awkward relationship, whatever you called it.
‘till me meet again.
Happy birthday, Mr. Giraffe! All the best! xoxo

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vie_three mengatakan...

happy birthday, Mr. Giraffe.
I know who Mr. Giraffe, yang diceritain itu kaan mbak. iihh masih diinget-inget ih. :)

-Gek- mengatakan...

Hahaha, first love will be always first love forever, Viet. It won't never change. ;)

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