Kamis, 14 Februari 2013

List 2013.

Who's on my list this year?
It's not so many - just some special people.

1. My Hubby - this is a compulsory , although he always forgets to give me something. :p

2. Nemo - He is  from England. He is young, he's free, he's kind, and yes, he's creative. He helps me alot in proof reading all my writing. He deserves one from me. :p

3. Bellissima - She is a new gal in the office, but she is often makes me happy. Why not sharing one with her. She gave me loads of snack, especially tim tam :D

4.Mrs. Blake to be - She is my 'sister' at the office. She is crazy, loud, but I love her.

5. Mimi - She is my partner in crime in my business. She said I was very kind giving her chocolate. It's no problem, darl.

6. Mrs. Made - She always shares her food, fruits, suggestions, ideas - so, this day, I'd like to make her happy since I can't cook as good as her, yet.

7. Ella - the belly dancer. She is also my partner in crime. She shares many ideas, craziness, and slanted eyes. :p

8. Mrs. Po - well, this one is unpredictable. I used to hate her quietly, but I think I'm gonna bury the hatchet and forget it. So, today is the day - and I celebrate it.

How many I've got today?
TWO! Yay! O, no, it's THREE - I've got it back from Ella, and
One from my students gave me - and one from my sister in law. Not even from my hubby - that's fine. ;)

Happy Valentine's Day, all!

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